Fantazja – a hotel in Głogówek

Hotel rules

  • Rules and Regulations set forth the principles the provision of services, the liability, and the stay in Hotel, and they are a integral part of the agreement concluded by making a reservation or make a full payment for the stay in the hotel. By making the actions specified in the previous sentence, guest confirm that they have read and accepted Rules and Regulation.
  • Rules and Regulation apply to All guests staying on the grounds of Hotel. Rules and Regulation are available at the reception in the room and of the website of the Hotel.
  • All residents are charged for stays on their arrival day ( in advance ).
  • The guaranteed check-in time is 12.00 pm and the check-out time is 10.00 am.
  • The fee for extending the day is 10 zł per person for each extended hour. A request to extend the hotel day should be reported to the reception a soon as possible.
  • Hotel rooms are let on daily basis.
  • The Hotel may refuse to accept a guest how during the previous stay has grossly violated hotel regulations, caused damage to the hotel, or disturbed the stay of other guests.
  • The reception must be informed immediately if there is a damage to a hotel property caused by guest.
  • Guest is responsible for all the items in the room – in case of any damage too room equipment and electrict devices which were caused by the guest or their visitors.
  • Children under the age of 12 must be under the constant supervision of legal guardians. Legal guardians shall be liable for any damage caused by the action of children.
  • For the loss of the room key the hotel charges the resident 50 zł.
  • The hotel welcomes guests travelling with pets. We do not to charge for pets but the guest is full responsible for any damage caused by pets.
  • The hotel is not liable for any damage to a car wich is parked in the parking.
  • Non-residents visiting guest can stay in the hotel room only to 10.00 pm
  • The hotel guest have a right of preservation of silence form 10.00 pm to 6.00 am. Durning night time guest should behave approprateily to not cause any disturbance to other guest privacy.
  • Acording to fire safety regulation the guest is not permitted to use any open fire. Also usage any electrical equipment which is not provided by the hotel is not permitted. Not applicable to mobile phone or PC chargers.
  • In the room and the whole area of hotel is forbidden smoking!! Breaking this rule is punish sum 400 zł.
  • In case of volation of the provision to any of the points of the House Rules, hotel reserve a right refuse service remove the person of the premise. As mention above that person have a right to pay back any cause or damage done to the hotel.

We wish You a pleasant stay in the Hotel Fantazja.